Ultraview UV Scope Rod

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The UltraView scope rod allows you to attach your UltraView sight to a variety of different scopes in the market. The UV Scope rod comes in difference sizes which will correspond to difference manufactures. 


  • 0.375" - Spot Hogg - Fast Eddie XL, Fast Eddie, Hogg Father, Tommy (Requires the proper mounting bracket to be compatible with UV scope rods, some sights, like those in single and double pin configuration do no need bracket. Contact Spot Hogg)
  • 0.433 - CBE Vertex Elevate
  • 0.490" - Axcel sights.
  • Direct Fit to scope. - B3 Extact 3D, B3 Competition, B3 Exact Rise Hunter, Black Gold Competition 2A, Black Gold Competition 2ADT, CBE Vertex 3d/Micro, Shibuya Ultima CPX Sight, Sure-loc - Challenger series. 
  • Not Compatible - HHA, Sure-Loc Carbonic, CBE Engage Hybrid (For HHA please purchase HHA UV mounting bracket)