Last Chance Archery EZ Green Bow Press

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EZ Green Press

**Please note, while we normally stock this item, we sell A LOT of them. Please check with us prior to ordering for stock availability to ensure we are on the same page!**

Designed with the individual consumer in mind, the EZ Green bow press is built and designed for pressing most compound bows on the market today. This press is perfect for both home and shop use and it’s very easy to use. Each LCA press model is equipped with the LCA patented finger system that allows you to press your bow exactly as if it's being drawn back. Which means while pressing your bow you're not applying any extra pressure to your limbs and you're also not applying torque to your riser. The EZ Green models use a hand crank to move the bow press arm in and out with ease; and also comes with our standard height legs that will mount directly to your bench top. This particular press model has a range that spans from 25” - 48” axle to axle length.

Mounting options: This model is equipped with built in, standard height, bench mounts. We also offer the EZ Green Floor stand separately.