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Tethrd worked with THP to develop an ideal Turkey Vest made  IN THE USA. The result is the most mobile & modular turkey vest ever made.

M2 Yoke - This is one size fits all & is included in the kit.

Shoulder Straps for the M2 Turkey Vest. Comfortable and Adjustable.

M2 Belt - S/M for those up to a 34" waist. 

Choose M2 Bird Bag or Hydration Pack in Options

The M2 Turkey vest is designed to be high speed, low drag. It's quiet and nimble. It's lightweight without sacrificing functionality. It's everything a mobile turkey hunter needs, and nothing they don't. We took inspiration from Greg & Carl's time on Active Duty in the Army & Navy and the purpose built, no-nonsense gear our service men & women use on a daily basis. Then we leveraged THP's turkey hunting know-how to make the M2 a turkey hunter's dream vest. It turns out making gear bombproof, quiet, and light weight is harder than it looks. It took us over 2 years to get the M2 EXACTLY how we wanted it. The result is the M2 Vest that fits tight to your body so you can move quickly and quietly through the turkey woods.

We believe in modularity at Tethrd. We want you to use your gear in a way that suits your style and preference. So many turkey vests out there want to pigeonhole you into putting your friction call in 1 specific place and your box call in another. We designed the M2 to be extremely modular so you can design your gear to fit your needs. It's also infinitely expandable for the minimalist or the maximalist. You can load the M2 up with TONS of gear if that's your thing. The M2 will work with any MOLLE compatible item on the planet. And you don't have to buy it from us. On the other hand, you can dress down the M2 into a small, nimble setup if you like to carry the bare minimum.

The M2 is made of a proprietary fabric we're calling WisprTUFF. It's as quiet as a church mouse, yet tough as nails. It's a two-layer laminated fabric that's soft and quiet on the outside but built like a tank on the inside. It's the best of both worlds. Mossy Oak helped us design and manufacture WisprTUFF and of course we printed it in their Bottomland camo pattern. Quiet. Tough. Sexy. WIN. WIN. WIN.

When you purchase the M2 Vest you get the option of the Hydration Pack or the Expandable Bird Bag. If you like to carry decoys and then drop that Tom into your bag after the kill, you should get the Expandable Bird Bag. If you're a bit more of a minimalist and prefer to haul your Gobbler out over your shoulder with a turkey tote, you might want to get the Hydration Pack. If you want both options, you can add the other as an accessory. Shooter's choice.

 We like to say, "buy once cry once". The price of the M2 is a bit higher than some of the inexpensive options made overseas. That's what happens when you work with American companies, who employ American labor, in American facilities, inside American neighborhoods. The result is a higher-than-average price to the consumer.  We believe it's worth it, and if you give it a try, we think you will too.

- 3-6 LBS (Depending on configuration)
- MOLLE compatible for infinite expansion
- MODULAR components to mix-and-match your ultimate kit
- Accessory options available
- Proprietary WisprTUFF fabric in Mossy Oak Bottomland
- Portions of each sale goes to Turkey Conservation
- Made in the USA

M2 vest kit (Yoke, belt, pouches, pad) = 49.2oz or 3lbs 3oz
M2 + hydro = 64oz or 4lbs
M2 + Birdbag = 67.5oz or 4lbs 3oz.