T.R.U. Ball GOAT Reo Wilde Signature Series Release

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The GOAT by T.R.U.Ball and Reo Wilde combines two methods of activation in one unprecedented release. The GOAT can be used as a hing release or with a thumb button action. What this allows is the archer to use one release for training, hunting and competitions. Creating a repeatable anchor that is familiar every single time. 

The Hing action allows both a click and no click. Switching between both thumb and hinge style require no disassembly of the release itself. 


  • Locking screws for both adjustment screws to ensure consistent trigger release
  • Includes 3 or 4 finger articulated finger extension
  • Factory set as thumb activated. 
  • Anodized aluminum on one side, nickel plated brass on the other. 
  • Designed in collaboration with Reo Wilde. 


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