Shrewd Vantage Series Stabilizer

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An all-new revolutionary hunting stabilizer with an optimal strength-to-weight ratio, the Shrewd Vantage system is designed to maximize performance. The stabilizer features a proprietary high modulus STS carbon rod with an internal taper unique to each length, which creates an incredibly rigid and lightweight rod. Also included as part of the Vantage stabilizer are 2 HiLo dampers, which work in conjunction with the STS carbon to isolate and reduce high and low frequency vibrations, resulting in outstanding vibration dampening and noise reduction. The low profile design of  the Vantage stabilizer minimizes surface area and prevents snags on underbush. The Vantage series is shaped by decades of experience and is built to take a beating.

The Vantage stabilizer comes with: one HiLo-S damper, one HiLo-T damper, two 1-ounce stainless steel weights (yellow for BeeReal finish, flat black for all other finishes), as well as a 2.5" 5/16"-24 threaded rod. 


  • Durable anodized finish and stainless steel hardware
  • High modulus STS carbon diameter with an outer diameter of 0.630" 
  • Internally tapered carbon rod with a thicker wall on the bow end and a thinner wall on the weight end to create optimal strength-to-weight ratio
  • CNC machined, external end caps create a strong and stable platform
  • Features the HiLo dampening system: HiLo-S damper slides over the carbon and can be positioned by the archer to reduce vibration particular to their setup, and HiLo-T damper gas 5/16"-24 threads and mounts on a 2.5" threaded rod on the front end of the stabilizer
  • Includes two 1-ounce weights for the user to balance the weight distribution. Additional weights can be screwed on to the 5/16"-24 rod. 
  • Available in 5 finishes: Blackout, OD Green (designed to match Mathews' Green Ambush finish), Forge Grey (designed to match Mathews' Stone finish), Desert Tan, BeeReal (Chris Bee's signature series).
  • Weight (including HiLo dampers): 5.52 oz
  • Length (including the HiLo-T damper): 12"
  • Made in the USA

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