Ravin Crossbows Replacement Rest

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The Ravin Arrow Rest is the perfect choice for avid hunters or outdoor enthusiasts. Constructed from machined aluminum, this super durable arrow rest is designed to take a beating in the outdoors. When you're aiming for the bullseye, the spring-loaded rollers will help you stay on target, allowing for consistent and reliable accuracy every single time. This is a factory replacement arrow rest specifically designed for the Ravin R9 and R15 crossbows. So if you're a sportsman, outdoorsman, or bow hunter looking for an extremely reliable arrow rest, the Ravin Arrow Rest could be the perfect choice for you! With its long-lasting durability and precision accuracy, you'll be able to hit your target with confidence - every time!


  • Spring-loaded rollers
  • Machined aluminum


  • This is a Factory Replacement arrow rest for the Ravin R9 and R15 crossbows.