Last Chance Archery Mathews Press Fingers

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Mathews Finger Set


The Mathews Finger Set has been explicitly designed to fit Mathews and Mission bows. Each finger base is ¾” wide aluminum for better stability and pressing support. Adjust the fingers using included thumb screws so that the fingers match the limb angles and don’t cause any additional stress. 1” wide custom-designed fingertips fit all versions of the Mathews “Limb Support Caps” to allow for safe and easy pressing. Whether pressing the bow just enough to install a peep or performing a complete bow rebuild, these custom fingers make the process a breeze. As you press, the broad 1” fingertip width gives maximum support for the limbs to reduce torque. The underside of the fingertip includes the Mission Cradle to press certain Mission bows that do not have “Limb Support Caps.” The Mathews Finger Set is recommended for all Mathews and Mission compound bows.


1 – Mathews Finger Set 

  • 4 assembled fingers included.  4 thumb screws included.  


• Custom-designed fingertips to fit all Mathews and Mission bows.

• 1" wide custom fingertip for the Mathews/Mission "Limb Support Caps." 

• ¾" wide aluminum finger for maximum strength and support.

• Each finger is adjustable (forward/back) with included thumb screws to ensure you're pressing the bow limbs evenly.

• Adjust each finger (in/out) on the block pin of your LCA bow press. 

• Install onto any LCA bow press for quick and easy use. 

• Recommended for all Mathews and Mission bows.

• Each finger includes the Mission Cradle, designed to press the Mission line without "Limb Support Caps." 

• These are not recommended for crossbows.