Illusion Ultimate Calling System Combo Pack (Camo Extinguisher/Black Rack)

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This combo pack from Illusion Systems will take your calling to the next level. The Extinguisher tube caller is a great option for a single call set-up that allows you to make sounds ranging from a rutting buck to doe bleats and even a newborn fawn, this call does it all. The Black Rack is designed to closely mimic the sound of two bucks fighting over breeding rights. Traditionally this would be done by bashing two antlers together, however, the Black Rack is two full sets of antlers, giving the most realistic sound possible. If you’re looking for a complete whitetail calling solution, the Ultimate Calling System Combo Pack by Illusion Systems is a great choice.

  • The ModiSlide allows you to sound like a buck, doe, or fawn with an easy-to-adjust slider
  • FreezeFree Design
  • Throat-Tube provides realistic sounds and provides direction-calling capabilities
  • Bone-Core Technology gives off a very realistic antler crashing sound
  • Dual Full Rack Design antler sets give off the most realistic-sounding fight sequence available
  • The black, non-reflective color allows you to rattle at closer distances without being seen.
  • Both the Extinguisher and the Black Rack are proudly made in the USA