Hamskea Gen2Pro Third Axis Level Tool

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New product alert! The all new GEN2PRO Third Axis Level is designed to help aid you in the proper set up of your archery equipment. With a light-weight aluminum construction, the GEN2PRO is just as durable as it is accurate. The built-in string groove and circular turret level allow you to quickly level your bow in a bow vise referencing both the X and Y axis without the need to adjust your level. Featuring Hex Drive Technology, the GEN2PRO’s compact sliding design easily mounts to the riser, dovetail, or sight rail of both hunting and target sights for leveling your 1st, 2nd and 3rd axis. Mounting the GEN2PRO directly to the sight allows you to set your 3rd axis at full draw, factoring in any natural bow/grip torque that occurs when tension is transferred from cables to the bow. This natural torque occurs on all bows and is overlooked with static sight leveling systems. All of these features make the GEN2PRO our most versatile level yet. With its slim design the GEN2PRO is 23% shorter than previous models and can easily fit in your tacklebox, bow case, or quiver. Take advantage of all that your equipment has to offer with the new Hamskea GEN2PRO Third Axis Level.