AAE Trad Vanes

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Designed for traditional archers to shoot off the shelf. Maintains the same impact point and allows for wet weather shooting without any maintenance.

The Trad Vanes are AAE's very first vanes for traditional archery, designed in collaboration with star traditional archer Aron Snyder. Arrows fletched with Trad Vanes can be shot straight off the shelf and have the same flight characteristics as an arrow with feathers. The weather-resistant proprietary "lick and stick" Plastifletch material gives the archer an unique edge in all weather conditions. The Trad Vanes come with factory applied activator, making them low-maintenance and easy to apply.

Available in Black, Bright Green , White, Fire Orange, Hot Pink, Purple, Red, Sunset Gold, Yellow.

Available in 3", 4", and 5".

50 per Pack