Ultraview UV PSE Archery Nock On Grip

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The all-new Nock On PSE aftermarket grip, custom designed in partnership between John Dudley and Ultraview Archery, ensures hand placement repeatability and optimized positioning, resulting in increased accuracy. Every detail from the heel shape to the width, and cradle position to the minimalistic size, has been designed and refined to give PSE archers and bowhunters the ultimate grip. It features an anti-slip, multi-dimensional textured surface to prevent any shifting of hand placement due to wet weather conditions or perspiration. It is compatible with PSE model bows that have threaded grip holes. Your grip hand is the first and last contact point that impacts the flight path of your arrow. Get it right with the new Nock On, Ultraview PSE aftermarket grip.

  • Tailored grip to make finding the right hand position easy and repeatable
  • Ambidextrous
  • Multi-dimensional texture to prevent slip
  • Flat back with NOCK ON approved edge radii to optimize hand seating to prevent left/right grouping problems
  • Sleek and minimal design -- ensuring perfect contact with your hand onlywhere it matters most

The UV | NOCK ON PSE GRIP is compatible with PSE bows that have grip screw locations

    NOTE: Each grip comes with 2 sets of screws. The black screws must only be used on the Carbon Levitate and the silver screws must only be used on aluminum model bows.