Limbsaver Alpha Shox Dampener for Hoyt Bows

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Reduce the noise and vibration on your Hoyt bows with LimbSaver's AlphaShox dampener. Specially designed for Hoyt bows with a 3/4-inch gap between the limbs, this ultra-lightweight dampener can be easily installed without tools. The AlphaShox is built to last in harsh outdoor environments, providing you with a reliable solution to dampening noise and vibration.


This pound-for-pound multi-frequency dampener is expertly designed to work right in the sweet spot of taking away felt shock, vibration, and noise. The AlphaShox is a must-have for any bowhunter who values a smooth and quiet shot. With easy installation between your split limbs in just seconds, you won't believe the difference you'll feel. Get your hands on the real deal and experience the ultimate shooting experience with LimbSaver's AlphaShox dampener.