Black Friday Closeout - PSE Fortis 33 Bare Bow

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Core Benefits:

  • Full Draw Stability (FDS) System: Crafted for maximum stability in shooting, our FDS system enhances the effective brace height, significantly reduces torque, and boosts accuracy, especially at full draw.

  • EZ.220 Snap Spacer System: Spend more time in the field and less time tuning. Our new system permits swift bow tuning and cam lean adjustments. The spacers can be effortlessly repositioned on a pressed bow, allowing cam shifts in exact 0.020 increments. This innovation also addresses a common issue – it prevents the overtightening of axle screws, which often leads to bearing wear in other bows.

Highlight Features:

  • Kill-Shok Riser Mounted Damper: Seamlessly integrated with the Fortis platform, it significantly diminishes bow vibration for a smoother experience.

  • Traxion Tech Grip: Expertly engineered for utmost comfort and accuracy. It ensures a consistent and reliable grip in varied shooting conditions. Plus, if you prefer, you can remove it to use the contoured machined grip beneath.

  • Picatinny Sight Rail: Comes included and allows attachment of most popular sight models. This lightweight rail not only reduces the bow's overall weight but also offers versatile mounting options on the riser.

  • Hamskea Epsilon & QAD Integrate Arrow Rest Mount: Features a precision machined Dovetail Plate for the zero-tolerance QAD Integrate arrow rest. It can also be removed to provide mounting points for the Hamskea Epsilon arrow rest.

  • PSE Limb Vise Pocket System: Designed for unmatched stability, this system enhances the limb locking mechanism. The limb pivots tighten firmly, ensuring the pocket remains perfectly aligned over the riser, irrespective of limb bolt adjustments.

Experience the Difference: At Full Draw, where precision and stability define success or failure, the 2023 PSE Fortis stands unparalleled. With every pull and release, feel the unmatched stability and accuracy that only PSE can deliver. Choose the Fortis, and redefine your archery journey.