Choosing the best setup for your situation

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Choosing the best setup for your situation

There are many different avenues one can take when choosing what path to follow in archery. Is compound for you? Recurve? Are you better suited to crossbow hunting? Are you planning on hunting at all? All are questions that you should ask yourself before you engage a pro shop or retailer in helping you choose equipment. 

A good shop will prompt you with questions prior to helping you in your selection. What is your budget? What is your goal? What level experience do you have? Do you have a direction you want to head with your equipment?

These are all pieces of vital information that not only you need to be aware of, but your local pro shop should be willing to find out before directing you to a purchase that will work best for you. 

  • Setting a budget: Buyer's remorse is not only real, it's a very detrimental aspect to your purchasing experience. If you feel like you spent to much on too little, or that you were pushed in to purchasing something you didn't really want, it can negatively effect your buying experience and cast a shadow on the equipment. Always have a starting point, and try to stay close to your budget. Ask your pro shop what they recommend inside your budget, have them show you product that's just above and just below as well, so you know what you're missing, what you're gaining and can make an educated decision based on real experience. 
  • Setting a goal: Whether your goal is hunting, target archery, 3D archery, backyard flingin', or a combination of all of these aspects, it's important to know where you stand in your level of dedication, and how you want to grow. Due to the vastness of specification in archery equipment, it's definitely easy to be overwhelmed. Discuss this openly with your pro shop! "I don't plan on hunting, but I want to shoot 3D for fun and might think about doing some field shoots". Your pro shop will have a better idea of what items to show you, how to discuss upgrade options, and how to work with you on getting the best possible package for your budget.
  • Try not to buy twice: My least favourite part of being a retailer is having a customer walk in the store within a couple of weeks of purchasing something and telling me they made a mistake. It costs me money, it costs you money, and leaves room for regret. It doesn't do me any favours to have you upset about your purchase either. Have this discussion with your pro shop. If your goal in a year or two is to end up in a professional 3D circuit competing for money, it makes no sense to purchase an entry level bow to "get started" with. Always be forward with your pro shop so they have the best chance to make you happy the first time around!
  • Trust your pro shop: Chances are, whoever is behind the counter at your local pro shop has been doing it a while. It's pretty evident when you walk in to a specialty store that they either know what they're talking about or they don't. If they suggest a product or certain equipment, give them a chance. Discuss it openly, find out why they think it might be a better option. Sometimes what you've researched online or through friends isn't always the best option for you based on a multitude of variables, and can lead to a negative experience. No shop wants to see their customers unhappy - You are what keeps a roof over our head! If, at the end of the discussion, you still feel that your research is the best option for you.. By all means! Surge on!

 It truly matters to a pro shop that our customers are looked after and happy. If you're not, we can't count on having you return.. We need you! If you need help, we urge you to send us an email or contact us on our social media pages for advice in your equipment search. Whether you purchase from us, or your closest pro shop, we are always here to help!

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