TightSpot Shift Lock 5 Arrow Quiver

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The Canadian-made TightSpot Shift Lock quiver is the world's most adjustable 2-piece bow mounted quiver. Its triple axis adjustment lets you adjust in/out, up/down, and forward/back. Better yet, this quiver is ambidextrous.

  • Telescoping rod length: allows user to adjust the overall length of the quiver to get the proper fit for their arrows, and move the hood up and down for better balance
  • Second arrow gripper: allows a tighter and more reliable grip on arrows and broadheads
  • Large hood design accommodates larger and wider broadheads
  • Premium materials: aluminum and woven carbon fiber for weight reduction and maximum durability
  • Built in quiver hanger allows user to remove the quiver from the bow and hang it on a hook or limb while hunting
  • Quick detach allows speedy removal of the quiver
  • Full adjustability - rotate back and forward to fine tune bow balance
  • Adjustable arrow wedges allows user to adjust the tension in which the arrows are held
  • Oversized dovetail rail mount allows the quiver to be slid in or out to fine tune balance and eliminate torque
  • Made in Canada