TightSpot Pivot 2.5 Arrow Quiver

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 The Pivot 2.5 is the world's most adjustable 2-piece quiver, with a triple axis adjustment (in/out, up/down, and forward/back) allows a full range of adjustability. The 2-piece configuration provides secure arrow storage while minimizing noise and creating weight balance on the bow. The quiver is built from aluminum and woven carbon for weight reduction without compromising durability. Included with the quiver are multiple adapters to ensure that the quiver can be fitted on most bows on the market.

May come with old hood or updated new hood (2023)

  • Weight: 9 oz (including hardware)
  • Foam insert protects mechanical broadheads and keeps them sharp
  • Adjustable arrow wedges adapt to virtually any arrow diameter
  • Incorporates a Quick-Draw arrow feature that places a 2nd arrow ready for quick follow up shots
  • Multiple adapters included to fit most bow models featuring one of these mounting holes shapes shown in photo