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Release'N Return is a lending library approach to allowing our customers the opportunity to try before you buy!

We offer 7 day rentals on a variety of releases. Ranging from $20.00 per week to $35.00 per week, should you decide to move forward and order the item you've rented, we credit you with a large portion of your rental fee toward your purchase, with only $5.00 retained from the rental! If you decide to move on from there without purchase, we retain the rental fee. 

We offer back tension, pull through, high end wrist strap, thumb buttons and more! We are always looking to grow the library as well - If you have a release you don't see on our list, trade it in toward NEW product or in store credit!

Please note, that when processing your rental online, you will be contacted by email to fill out the contractual portion of the rental as well as the shipping portion. We provide a return label for the return of your rental. Your 7 day rental starts on the day you receive the item, NOT from the day we ship. The item is to be shipped back to us on the 7th day to avoid late fees!

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TruFire Chicken Wing: (Wrist Strap/Handheld, 2 Finger  CAD MSRP: $139.99)

Rental fee for this release: $20.00       
Credit toward new purchase:

Tru-Fire Chicken Wing

The TruFire Chicken Wing release is a revolutionary concept fused with improved features.  It sports an ultra small hook head design with a Tru Forward Trigger, Tru Centering Technology and sound dampening technology.  But it doesn't stop there, the Chicken Wing's new interchangeable trigger allows either a standard single finger trigger or our new dual finger trigger.  The Dual Finger Trigger allows the shooter more control and reduces the tendency to punch the trigger instead of squeezing it.