OAS Goose Derby Entry

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-Must be registered before the season opens on September 6th. Anyone registered prior to September 6th will receive the pre-regiatration rate of $15. Open-Season entry will be $25.00. Derby will run from September 6th until October 31.

-$15 per initial entry if registered by September 5th. Open season entry will be $25.00. Additional goose weigh ins are $10.00 each. No limit on entries.Weigh ins must be done at designated weigh in locations (to be announced) Photo submission with the hunter, goose, scale and visible weight will be the only permissible entry. ONLY those that have entries may submit geese that they shot. People talk - please don't cheat. If it comes back to us that the birds you've submitted are from someone else, you will be automatically DQ'd. No exceptions.

-BIGGEST and SMALLEST goose will receive a premium goose call from Heron Game Calls. Huge thanks to Rusty Heron for his support and his suggestion on running this derby!

-Hidden Weight will win a pack of decoys *(TBA) (Brand and style to be determined. Hidden weight will be written down and emailed to our partners/weigh in locations the day of the derby launch)

-Archery Goose - All those that harvest a goose by means of archery method will be entered for an additional prize (TBD). A photo submission of you with the goose and your method of harvest will be required. All entrants into this category qualify for this prize - it will be drawn at random.

-Partial proceeds will go toward putting AT LEAST one child through the Ontario Hunter's Education and Gun Safety program! If we get enough entries that cover sending more children, we will announce that at a later date. Derby closes October 31st, 2019. We will open a nomination or application for the youth hunter's selection at that point.

Entries can be purchased in cash in person, by EMT to Ontarioarcherysupply@gmail.com - Please put "Goose Derby" in the notes. OR, visit our website and purchase an entry.

Again, If you are not registered on or before September 5th, you will be required to pay the $25 entry fee. If someone else in your group shot a bird you are not eligible to weigh it in. Please respect our rules and keep this lightweight and fun for all. We have tons of waterfowl and tons of time in waterfowl season to make this a big, exciting annual thing. Let's not blow it!