Muzzy 100 Grain 3-Blade 1 3/16" Cut (6 pack) (Covid19 Relief)

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If you're a hunter who loves hunting with a bow and wants some quality broadheads to hunt with, try out these 100 Grain Bad to the Bone Broadheads from Muzzy. These arrowheads feature blades that offer a 1 3/16'' cutting diameter and 0.20'' width for improved accuracy and damage potential. This product includes six arrowheads with six trocar tips and a tool you can use to assemble your broadheads. There are also practice blades that can be used for the initial set up and for taking practice shots. Remember, you can never have enough arrowheads or options in your arsenal, so pick up some of these Muzzy products, made for use with standard arrow inserts.
  • Blades feature a 1 3/16'' cutting diameter and a 0.20'' thickness for increased accuracy
  • 100 grain provides moderate level of weight for more balanced shots
  • Includes a tool for assembly as well as practice blades for testing your shots and improving your aim
  • Featuring 6 arrowheads with 6 trocar points, made to assemble
  • Pick up a few of these packages so you have plenty of ammunition for your next hunt