Muzzy® Merc 3-Blade Fixed-Blade Broadheads (Covid19 Relief)

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• Deadly effective 3-blade broadhead
• Precision stainless steel ferrule with cut-on-contact tip for deep penetration
• 3 razor sharp .030" blades
• Failproof aluminum blade retention collar locks blades in
• Big 1-1/8" cutting diameter

Strong, durable, and accurate, Muzzy® Merc 3-Blade Fixed-Blade Broadheads gives bowhunters a replaceable blade design with a big cutting diameter. This technically advanced design combines a precision stainless steel ferrule with a failproof aluminum blade retention collar to hold the Merc's razor sharp .030" blades in securely. Cut-on-contact tip for deep penetration. Big 1-1/8" cutting diameter delivers large blood trails for quick and efficient kills.
Weight: 100 gr.