Kikaboo Jerky Juice - Jerky Marinade (1 Litre bottle only)

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KikabooShop is proud to deliver Smokin' Ed's #1 best-selling, classic jerky recipe! Jerky Juice Marinade allows anyone to make home-made beef jerky easy and fast! It is as simple as SOAK and SMOKE! No spice or sauce mixing required. Just add one extra bottle of water! Jerky made with our full flavoured, hickory smoke marinade satisfies every outdoors person's needs! This is the perfect jerky flavoring for beef, venison, moose, goose, bear and any other meat you wish to carry in your pocket while outdoors.


  • Cut meat strips to desired thickness
  • Pour 1 bottle (355mL) over 5lbs meat strips
  • Refill bottle with water, shake and pour over meat strips
  • Mix well
  • Marinade for 24 hours, longer if a more bold flavour is desired
  • Cook, dehydrate or smoke
  • You are done!