Garmin A1 Series Range Finding Bowsight

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• Bow-mounted auto-ranging digital display
• LED pins pin points removes physical pin obstructions
• Silent single-button trigger

The Garmin® Xero™ A1 Rangefinding Sight is the first ever bow-mounted digital laser range finder and targeting display systems that automatically measures the distance to your target and provides an LED pin for the shot, even on those “in-between” yardages. It's built-in  range finder instantly provides the precise angle-compensated distance to game up to 100 yards away or up to 300 yards on reflective targets, at rest or full draw. Its pins automatically adjust brightness to conditions and allow you to clearly see your target, unobstructed by physical pins. This sight features a silent single-button trigger requiring minimal movement, at rest or full draw. Mount the button in the most convenient location for your grip so that 1 finger can silently trigger the laser range finder to give you the distance and exact pin for the shot. It's customizable for single-pin and multipin configurations or manual pin selection. This sight has a 1 year battery life with 2 lithium AAA batteries (sold separately).
Weight: 14.7 oz
Dimensions: 3.9"W x 3.1"H x 3.8"D