Conquest Archery Control Freak 500 Pro X Plus FB

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We took the OLD 500 Pro X Plus and made it better as we do all things. We have increased the stiffness and forgiveness without compromising on Cost and Quality!

The NEW Conquest Control Freak 500 Pro X Plus has built in Internal Vibration Dampening. This premier Ultra High Mod carbon rod gives you a large stiffness-to-weight ratio.

Our Proprietary Barrel Shaped design of the Conquest Control Freak 500 Pro X Plus adds stiffness without adding weight. At 1/2" in OD for most of the Rod you can expect great wind cutting abilities from this Stabilizer. 



  • Small .525 Max OD
  • A Bar that doesn't weight a ton with no weight
  • GREAT Vibration Dampening
  • Great wind resistance due to OD!

  • Comes with 3, 1oz .850 Black Nitride Matte Finish Weights
  • Available sizes 24", 27", 30" and 33" lengths
  • Matte Black Connectors made for easy removal and tightening
  • Bar is Gloss Black Finish

Each Bar Includes Connectors and Connecting Screw, 3 Oz of .850 Matte Black Threaded Weights

33” Bar NO Weights 4.6oz, 30” Bar NO Weights 4.3oz, 27” Bar NO Weights 4oz, 24” Bar NO Weights 2.7oz