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Canadian Clover Plus, Canadian Premium Perennial or Canadian maximum 2lb seed

Canadian Clover Plus

Biologics clover plus is a blend of red and white clover combined with their extremely successful chicory. Provides a quality food source throughout most of the year. Produces huge leaves making it an excellent forage for whitetail and turkey. Once established will grow for 3-5 years.

Canadian Premium Perennial

Highly Palatable mix of forages for throughout the growing season and fall. This blend produces forages that grow in a wide range of soil conditions .High in proteins and 80% total digestible. Properly managed will grow 3-5 years 


Canadian Maximum

Contains 100% scientifically selected brassicas. Yielding as much as 10 tons of forage per acre. Grows in a wide range of soil conditions. High proteins and 80% digestible.